The most ambitious Water Polo video game ever made

Realistic 3D simulation of Water Polo

You'll be able to perform all the major variations of shots, passes, defense strategies, attack moves...

The true feeling of playing Water Polo

It's not just a soccer game in the water.

Fun way to learn Water Polo's rules and tactics

It can be used as an introduction or reinforcement.

More Water Polo fans

Create interest for Water Polo in people who aren't familiar with Water Polo yet.

Hi, I'm Eric

I'm a Brazilian game developer who also plays (and loves) Water Polo.

  • In this project, I'll be doing the game design, the art, the programming, the marketing... basically everything.
  • These are the games I have more hours played:
           1st   Water Polo (in real life)
           2nd  FIFA
           3rd   Left 4 Dead

Feel free to contact me at